TBF of Arkansas 2019 season kicked off February 16th at Lake Hamilton

35 boaters and 26 co-anglers completed Saturday at Lake Hamilton in the 1st of 3 qualifying tournaments

Congratulations to our Boater winner Hunter Baughman and Non-Boater winner Matt Tucker.

Anglers are competing for a spot in the TBF National Semi-Final tournament on Lake Millwood in June.

From Lake Millwood, the top boater and co-angler will earn a berth in the TBF National Championship Tournament where they will compete for entry in the BFL All American and possibly all the way to the Forrest Wood Cup.

The Top 5 Boaters were:

  1. Hunter Baughman                      14.43 lbs          
  2. Cameron Ivie                                13.82                  Big Bass-  5.69
  3. Terry Slavens                               13.31
  4. Kevin Fant                                     10.42
  5. Bryer Pennington                       10.29
Hunter Baughman

The Top 5 Co-Anglers were:                 

  1. Matt Tucker                                  13.67 lbs
  2. John Duvall                                   11.07
  3. James Castleberry                      7.90
  4. Jonathan Dotson                        7.62                   Big Bass –  5.36
  5. Ray Dotson                                   5.37
Matt Tucker