2022 Arkansas TBF Schedule

February 5th–Lake Hamilton

March 20th—Lake Chicot

April 23rd—–Greers Ferry

TBF membership $70

Boater Entry $125

Non Boater Entry $75

Pre-Tournament Rules and Pairings meeting will be held the evening prior to the event.

Still working on permits. Ramps will be announced asap.

Millwood Lake Plays Host to The Bass Federation District 6 National Semifinal – Arkansas vs Oklahoma

80 anglers, made of representatives from Arkansas and Oklahoma, converged on Millwood Lake, in southwest Arkansas, the weekend of June 19 & 20 to compete in The Bass Federation District 6 National Semifinal tournament.

The angler were competing for 4 spots in The Bass Federation National Championship tournament next spring.

Congratulations to Stephen Tyson Jr (Arkansas Boater) and Jeff Stephenson (Arkansas Non-boater) for the wins on Millwood Lake.

Stephen Tyson Jr and Jeff Stephenson will be representing Arkansas next spring in the TBF National Championship.





Congratulations to the top Oklahoma anglers. Dean Matts (Oklahoma Boater) and Shawn Lewis (Oklahoma Non-boater). Dean and Shawn will represent Oklahoma in the TBF National Championship.

Boater Top 3 – 2 Day Total

  1. Stephen Tyson Jr (AR) 31.03 lbs
  2. Doug Thompson (AR) 27.66 lbs
  3. Blake Wilson (AR) 26.74 lbs


Non – Boater Top 3 – 2 Day total

  1. Jeff Stephenson  (AR)     18.24 lbs
  2. Andy Brown (AR)             16.99 lbs
  3. Austin Rose   (AR)            16.82 lbs

2021 TBF of Arkansas Qualifier #3 Greers Ferry

Twenty eight Boaters and 25 Non-Boaters competed in the 3rd and final Arkansas TBF qualifiers.

Congratulations to Tray Huddleston (Boater) and Ray Dotson (Non-Boater) on their win.